Bankruptcy Costs

Covers chapter 7 and 13 personal bankruptcy, as well as small to mid-size business bankruptcy of chapter 7, 11, and 13. Also includes incidental expenses such as credit counseling, reporting, and much more.

Family Law and Divorce Costs

The Family Law section includes legal fees for separation and divorce, annulment, child custody and related topics. Also included are wills, trusts, adoption legal costs and much more.

DUI / DWI Legal Costs

The DUI / DWI section covers Attorney fees and legal costs for driving under the influence, driving while impaired, intoxicated and other charges associated operating a vehicle.

Personal Injury Costs

The Personal Injury legal costs section includes the legal costs for vehicle injury cases, accidents, medical malpractice, negligence and other types of Attorney fees for personal injury representation.

Ciminal Defense Legal Costs

In the Criminal Defense section, you'll find Attorney costs for personal cases like assault, kidnapping and sexual assault. Also included are defense costs for robbery cases, forgery, arson, solicitation and more.

Real Estate Law Costs

Legal fees for closing costs on both residential and commercial property, as well as foreclosure attorney fees, neighborhood disputes, and more.

Thank you for the great information about estimated legal costs! Dealing with the thought of going through a bankruptcy is hard enough, and your website helped us plan ahead to pay for it. We shared your website with all our Facebook friends. Thank you! Steve - Charlotte NC